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Nutrition & allergens

Which products are suitable for Vegetarians?
All Jus-Rol Ingredient Pastry is suitable for vegetarians and is approved by The Vegetarian Society.

Which products are suitable for Vegans?
All Jus-Rol Ingredient Pastry is suitable for vegans except our All Butter and Sweet Shortcrust products which contain butter.

Is Jus-Rol gluten free?
Unfortunately Jus-Rol contains gluten as it is made from wheat flour.

Is Jus-Rol free from milk, milk products and lactose?
All Jus-Rol Ingredient Pastry is free from milk, milk products and lactose except our All butter and Sweet Shortcrust products which contain butter.

Do any Jus-Rol products contain Celery/Eggs/Lupin/Milk//Mustard/Sesame Seeds/Soya/Sulphur Dioxide?
Any possible allergens that are required by law to be declared so will be identified, documented and if present labelled on the product packaging.

Do Jus-Rol contain nuts?
Our pastry products are all manufactured under stringently controlled hygienic conditions in nut - free production areas, however we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in our products.

What is the emulsifier mono and diglycerides of fatty acids?
Emulsifier is present in the margarine that we use in our pastry and stops the margarine and water in separating. The emulsifier is from vegetable origin.

Does Jus-Rol contain hydrogenated fats?
No, we do not use hydrogenated fats in any of our products.


How do I store Jus-Rol pastry?
Our frozen pastry range should be kept in your freezer until you are ready to use it and used within 24 hours of defrosting.

Our chilled pastry range should be stored in your fridge until the use by date, and can be frozen at home.

How do I defrost frozen pastry?
You can either leave the pastry at room temperature for a couple of hours OR place the pastry overnight in your fridge remembering to remove the pastry from the fridge to reach room temperature before using it.

Can I refreeze Jus-Rol after it has defrosted?
We recommend you do not refreeze, but use within 24 hours to make a tasty pastry dish.

Can I freeze my pastry creations before I have baked the dough?
No, we recommend that you bake the products before freezing.

Can my pastry dishes be frozen after baking for use at another time?
Depending on the filling you can freeze your finished dish. Ensure that the product is thoroughly heated through before serving.

What is the difference between “Use-by” date and “Best Before End” date?
Use-by dates are present on our Chilled range and the product needs to be eaten by this date. Best Before End dates are found on our Frozen range of products and products should be used before the end of the month on the packaging. Both dates can be found on the front of the packaging.

Can I use the pastry beyond the “Use by” or “Best Before End” date on the packaging?
We recommend that you use our products before the Use by or Best Before End date on the packaging.

Baking Help from Janet

Check Janet’s hints and techniques for easy tips and techniques.

How thick should pastry be rolled?
Janet recommends the pastry should be rolled to the thickness of a £1 coin.

Why has my Jus-Rol Pastry Sheet cracked on unrolling?
This is probably due to the pastry sheet being too cold to unroll, the sheet should be at room temperature for unrolling. If the sheet starts to crack as it is unrolled and is still cold in the centre, leave it partially unrolled for a short while to allow the centre to warm up and aid unrolling.
Janet’s top tip - If the sheet is cracked - don't despair, just gently push the pastry back together again with your fingertips.

My pastry sheet split when I lifted it to line the dish – what should I do?
Make sure that there are no cracks in your pastry before you start lifting it. Place the pastry around a rolling pin, then lift it over the dish and gently unroll. Finally, press the pastry gently into the tin. Janet’s top tip – if you don’t have a rolling pin a roll of cling film or a clean wine bottle will do!

Why did my pastry crack during baking?
This is likely to be caused from too much flour being used in preparing the pastry or the filling giving off steam during baking and having nowhere to escape too. Janet’s top tip - When enclosing a filling in pastry make sure you add a couple of slits to the pastry to allow the stream to escape.

Why does my pastry sheet have a sticky texture?
This could be because the pastry is too warm, place your pastry back in the fridge for a few minutes to firm up. Also check your work surface is not warm or damp and that you have a light covering of flour on the surface.

Why did my pastry burn whilst baking?
This may be due to the pastry being cooked at the incorrect oven temperature, double check your baking instructions. If you are making a dessert and sprinkling with sugar, sprinkling the pastry with sugar too early may cause this.

Why did my pastry shrink whilst baking?
Some shrinkage of the pastry is normal, we recommend leaving rolled out pastry a few minutes before baking it.

Can I microwave the pastry to cook it?
No our pastry needs to be cooked in the oven.


My pastry has brown specks in it, what is this?
This is bran and it naturally occurs in wheat flour.

Product Range

I can’t find my favourite Jus-Rol product, where do you sell your range?
Click here for details of our our pastry range and where it is sold.

Where can I order pastry for my business?
Jus-Rol is available in most national wholesalers and cash and carrys, if you would like further information please click here.

I am a student and would like more information about Jus-Rol and pastry.
Please click here for our student pack

Can I buy Jus-Rol Merchandise?
No sorry we do not sell any merchandise.

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