Culinary Masterclass for Reduced Fat Pastry Range

Jus-Rol™ Professional has provided caterers with menu inspiration to deal with the challenges facing the cost sector during an exclusive culinary masterclass.

The one off session was staged to inspire caterers involved in school, hospital, university and contract catering in terms of their kitchen creativity – and to celebrate the launch of the pastry people’s Reduced Fat Pastry range, which features 30% less fat*. The range represented a milestone for Jus-Rol when it was unveiled earlier this year.

A select group of caterers from across the cost sector attended the masterclass and had the chance to watch respected Craft Guild of Chef’s Events Director, Lee Maycock demonstrate a range of specially developed cost sector recipes featuring Jus-Rol’s innovative Reduced Fat Pastry.

The delicious dishes included ‘Creamed Root Vegetable Pie’; ‘Moroccan Lamb Pastry’; ‘Roasted Pear, Hazelnut & Blue Cheese Tatin’ and ‘Apple Pie Cheesecake’. Attendees were also encouraged to cook up their own Root Vegetable Pithivier or “no-dish pie”, making use of the Reduced Fat Pastry’s reliability to produce it. Full details of the recipes are available on the Jus-Rol Professional™ website,

John McKears, Foodservice Sales Manager at Jus-Rol Professional, said: “Jus-Rol had an unprecedented response to the masterclass, we wanted to inspire caterers in the face of the many challenges they encounter in the cost sector, which include budgetary pressures and time constraints. Jus-Rol’s Reduced Fat Pastry can play an integral role when it comes to giving caterers more flexibility, whilst also helping them to meet nutritional guidelines. We hope that the session has given our caterers a great deal of food for thought, when they return to their working kitchens, and the confidence to try something new.”

Indeed one of the lucky attendees, Derroll Waller from Edwards and Blake contract caterers said; “This is what bringing it to the man on the field means. I’m delighted to have been part of it. I’ve learnt a great deal, and what Reduced Fat Pastry can bring to a menu. I hope to attend another in the future.”
“I found the day really interesting, and love the idea of the Reduced Fat Pastry – meeting nutritional guidelines is a challenge,” said catering manager Lucy Rackstraw, from The Grange. “It’s given me some good ideas to take back and tell the team about.”

Lee Yard from School Catering Support commented; “I was really impressed with the recipes and the Reduced Fat Pastry, anything which supports caterers is a good thing. I’m definitely going to check out the website for more recipe ideas after this.”

The half-day exclusive session was staged at London’s Westminster Kingsway College with attendees winning a place through a free prize draw on the Jus-Rol Professional™ website. Dawn Cheshire from Saffron Walden County High School in Essex also won Jus-Rol Professional’s top prize of a one-to-one cooking session with Lee Maycock; “It’s been a really wonderful day and very worthwhile”, said Dawn. “Everyone has been very hospitable and I can’t wait for the development day with Lee now.”

As with Jus-Rol’s entire range, the new Reduced Fat Pastry is crafted with a view to delivering the texture and flavour of pastry that has been made from scratch. Available in 1.5Kg blocks of puff and shortcrust, this versatile pastry is perfect for a range of main courses and puddings.

“There is absolutely no fuss with Jus-Rol”, said Lee, “Caterers simply need to defrost, roll out the pastry and just have a go. With time, budgets and wastage a big challenge for the cost sector, Jus-Rol Reduced Fat Pastry is the perfect solution.”

* Than the standard Jus-Rol Professional pastry equivalent.

Reduced Fat Pastry Recipes:

Creamed Root Vegetable Pie

Moroccan Lamb Pastry

Roasted Pear, Hazelnut & Blue Cheese Tatin

Apple Pie Cheesecake


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