How to Make Puff Pastry Pie Tops

  1. When making a pie with a pastry top or lid, choose a dish with a rim and allow the filling to get cold before topping with pastry. Roll out pastry large enough to cover dish and with some spare. Cut a strip slightly wider than the dish rim, from the sides of the rolled pastry.
  2. Brush rim with water or beaten egg. Place pastry strip on rim and press firmly, continue with further strips until all rim covered.  Brush rim with beaten egg or water.
  3. Roll pastry up on the rolling pin to lift it (as described in ‘Rolling out Puff Pastry’ section and gently unroll it over the pie dish. Press pastry edges firmly.
  4. Using a sharp knife trim off excess pastry by cutting downwards against the edge of the dish. Keep trimmings for decoration.
  5. Knock up edges to form a good seal by holding a sharp knife horizontally against cut edge and gently tapping the pastry edge all round.
  6. Make a fluted edge by pressing your thumb of your left hand firmly down on the top of the pastry on the opposite side of the dish from you, whilst drawing the back of a knife inwards, against your thumb as shown. Continue until all edge is fluted.  Make a small steam escape hole in centre of lid.
  7. Re roll trimmings as described in the ‘Rolling out Puff Pastry ‘ section, cut out several strips of pastry.
  8. Holding the knife at an angle, cut the strips diagonally to give diamond shapes. With the point of the knife mark veins on the pastry ‘leaves’.
  9. To make a ‘stalk’ cut slightly narrower strips and roll them beneath opened hands to form long cylinders.
  10. Finally, make ‘berries’ by gently pinching off a small piece of pastry . Roll it in the palm of your hand with the fingers of the other hand to form small balls/ berries.
  11. Brush pie top with beaten egg. Lay the leaves, stalks and berries on in your chosen pattern and press gently onto lid. Brush again before baking.