Our Story

Tom the Baker

Tom Forsyth's family were Bakers since the 1930's, but it wasn't until the 1950's that Tom had the brainwave of selling ready to roll pastry to busy housewives. In 1954 he founded the Jus-Rol™ company.

The inspiration for the name itself came from the ladies, who worked in the bakery, who said when asked what they did with the pastry cuttings "we just roll it out..!"


Cutting Edge Products

The 1960's was an exciting decade for Jus-Rol™ with a continuous stream of product innovations. Starting with the launch of Potato Croquettes, followed by Vol-au-Vents and then Sausage Rolls, all of which were a resounding success.

The company started exporting overseas to Canada and the Middle East and Britain's entry into the Common Market opened up a range of new opportunities with Jus-Rol™ even exporting pizza dough to Italy!

In 1960 Jus-Rol™ aired their first TV advert – a 90 second slot where their very own Jim Patterson extolled the virtues of the pastry.


'Easy Innovation'

During the 1990's Jus-Rol™ had the bright idea of producing ready-rolled sheets, making it even easier to cook with pastry.

They further expanded their range of cutting edge pastry products by installing a line to produce filo pastry.

The Forsyth family eventually sold Jus-Rol™ to the Grand Metropolitan Group in the late 1990’s, but the company retained its strong family ethos and to this day it has not lost its entrepreneurial spirit.


'Jus-Rol Janet'

In 2009 a new Jus-Rol™ TV campaign was aired, starring 'Jus-Rol Janet' and was a resounding success. Janet went on to feature on packs for several years.

The nationwide British Pie Week was launched with great success.



Jus-Rol™ launched the innovative Ready-to-Bake range, including croissants, pain-au-chocolat and pizza bases with the aim of making more complex baking accessible at home.


'Rule Breakers'

To celebrate the 60th anniversary, Jus-Rol™ launched a new advertising campaign 'Rule Breakers', inspiring pastry lovers across the UK to create simple but delicious midweek meals.

Baking parchment was introduced across all Jus-Rol™ pastry sheets ranges to optimise convenience for consumers.

Two delicious new products were launched to the Ready-to-Bake range, Apple Danish and Cinnamon Swirls.

Real People, Real Food

See some of the greatest creations from our dedicated Jus-Rol home bakers.

These spooky puff-pastry monster apple puffs by @teddys_eats almost look too good to eat 👀😋

We love seeing all of your amazing bakes on the #JusRolBakers hashtag - keep 'em coming!


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