Chocolate Peanut Tart

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10 Servings
30 minutes bake time

Give our tasty Chocolate Peanut Tart a try for your next picnic. Sure to be a family favourite, dive into dark chocolate, double cream, and more!


  • Small check mark in a circle icon 1 x 500g Jus-Rol™ Ready Rolled Shortcrust Pastry
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 300g good quality dark chocolate, cut into pieces
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 300ml double cream
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 50g salted butter
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 1 tbsp of Vanilla extract
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 3 heaped tbsp of smooth peanut butter
  • Small check mark in a circle icon Peanut Praline (optional) but makes it extra special
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 125g caster sugar
  • Small check mark in a circle icon 50g plain unsalted peanuts, toasted
Equipment required
  • 35cm x 12cm fluted rectangular tart tin


  1. Remove the pastry from the fridge 45 mins before unrolling to make sure it doesn't break or crack when lining the tart tin. Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.
  2. Unwrap the pastry, roll into a large rectangle.
  3. Use the pastry to line a 35cm x 12cm tart tin, allowing the excess to hang over the edges of the tin. Press into the flared edges of the tin.
  4. Prick the pastry base all over with a fork. Chill the tart pastry case for 15 mins.
  5. Line with greaseproof paper then pour in the baking beans (or uncooked lentils).
  6. Bake for 15 minutes until starting to get golden.
  7. Once baked, remove the paper & beans. Brush the case with some beaten egg, return the case to the oven for another 10-15 minutes until the pastry is golden. You will not be baking the case anymore so you want a lovely golden colour.
  8. Leave to cool completely- once fully cold, trim the overhanging pastry with a knife or peeler!
  9. An extra wow factor is to make a proline for the top of the tart.
  10. Melt the caster sugar in a frying pan on a low heat (keeping an eye on it so it doesn't burn!) until it turns golden (do not stir it) or reaches 300C on a sugar thermometer. Be really careful as it will burn if you touch it. Add the toasted peanuts then pour onto a lined flat baking sheet. Leave to cool then smash up roughly to make a praline.
  11. While the tart is cooling, make the ganache filling.
  12. Put the chocolate and butter into a heatproof bowl. Add cream into a small saucepan, heat until almost boiling.
  13. Pour the warmed cream over the butter and chocolate chunks and stir adding the vanilla extract to sweeten. Mix until chocolate and butter have melted and it is smooth and silky.
  14. Spoon the peanut butter into the bottom of the tart creating a nice layer.
  15. Then pour the chocolate ganache onto the tart, spreading it evenly. At this point if you fancy you can swirl a little extra peanut butter into the chocolate or just leave it as a chocolate top.
  16. Chill for an hour (or until the ganache is set) and top with a sprinkling of the peanut praline.