How to Roll Puff Pastry

  1. For best results when rolling out puff pastry use a large, clean dry area of the work surface and lightly dust it with plain flour.
  2. Place pastry dough on surface and lightly dust it and the rolling pin with flour.
  3. Roll pastry firmly, always rolling away from you, give the dough 2-3 rolls.
  4. Then turn the dough a quarter turn.
  5. Dust again if necessary and continue rolling out, frequently turning the pastry so it is not always rolled in the same direction as this causes shrinkage.
  6. When the pastry has increased in size, pick it up to turn by rolling it round the rolling pin.
  7. Lift the pin with the pastry around it carefully and turn it to lay out and continue rolling. Again this is done to prevent the pastry from stretching as you lift it which in turn would result in shrinkage in baking. Puff pastry should be rolled out to approx. 4-5 mm depth.
  8. To re- roll puff pastry once you have cut something out from the main piece, layer up all the trimmings, folding to achieve approximately an even stack.
  9. Press stack lightly together with fingers.
  10. Then roll out as before.