1. Divide a block of thawed Jus-Rolâ„¢ Frozen Puff pastry into 2 equal halves and roll out each large enough to cut out a 20 cm/8" disc from each. Spread almond filling on one disc - leaving a border all round of approx. 2 cm/just under 1".
    2. With a sharp knife make 5 crescent shaped cuts in the second pastry disc, radiating out from the centre but leaving a border and the very centre intact. Brush border with beaten egg white.
    3. Place second pastry disc over base pastry and filling and press edges firmly together.
    4. With a sharp knife held horizontally against the sides, gently tap the pastry to knock up the edges and help effect a good seal and risen edge.
    5. Flute the border by pressing your thumb on the top of the border and drawing the back of a knife inwards, against the thumb.
    6. Finally brush the top with beaten egg white before baking.