The contest has now closed, thank you for participating!
Check out the regional and national winners below.

The winner of the 2019 British Pie Week contest is Tracey Carty. Her Chicken Balmoral Pie is an original and flavoursome combination of ingredients and textures. The use of Haggis with chicken is very innovative and the double cream & whisky sauce adds a luxurious note to the pie!

Regional Winners of British Pie Week 2019

Chicken balmoral pie
Brisket & Mushroom Pie . . with ‘Belfast Black’ Dry Stout
Julie's steak delight
Wild Wabbit Pie (can be made with chicken)
Chilli beef and cheddar
Birmingham Balti (with a naan bread style short crust)

Jus Roll Pie Art

Robin Hood

Created exclusively for Jus Rol & made with Jus Rol!

Loch Ness Monster

Nothing mysterious about the amazing taste, just great ingredients

House of Parliament

A historic twist to your modern kitchen!

Giants Causeway

Nature at it's finest!

Eden Project

A marvel of human technology meeting nature halfway!

Angel of the North

Contemporary twist to the rather traditional cuisine

Wales Millennium Centre

Where art meets food!