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Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Slice


  • 1 Jus-Rol™ Puff pastry ready rolled sheet chilled
  • 3 tbsp pesto
  • 200g mozzarella cheese sliced
  • 4-5 medium tomatoes sliced
  • 1 egg beaten to glaze
  • rocket leaves to garnish

Equipment required

  • Baking paper
  • Baking Tin
  • Pastry Brush


  1. Preheat oven to 220ºC (200ºC fan assisted) 425ºF/Gas M7
  2. Unroll pastry sheet onto a lined baking tin and spread the pesto over top leaving a good 2cm border all round. Brush border with beaten egg.
  3. Top with sliced cheese and tomato and bake for 20 minutes until borders risen and golden and cheese melted. Scatter with rocket leaves and serve.