How to Make a Lattice Top for a Pie Crust


Lattice tops are simple to effect, and look very professional ! Usually made with puff pastry but shortcrust pastry can be used.

    1. Roll out pastry (as described in the ‘Rolling out Puff Pastry ‘ section), to a rectangular shape and with the pastry approx. 3 mm thick. With a sharp knife cut strips of approx. 1cm /1/2″ width.
    2. Continue cutting until all pastry is in strips.
    3. Choose a pie dish with a rim, place cooled filling in dish and brush rim lightly with beaten egg.
    4. Cover rim with pastry strips (you will require 2-3 and cut off excess but retain trimmings), press firmly onto dish and brush with the beaten egg.
    5. Lay one pastry strip across the dish at one side/end, trim slightly and retain excess for future use. (Note – when all strips are in place then the entire edge will be trimmed, but you will probably need to use some of the part strips for the top) Press pastry firmly onto pastry rim.
    6. Continue as above – leaving a gap between the strips so that the filling can be seen and keeping the strips parallel.
    7. Brush strips lightly with beaten egg, then lay a second layer of strips over, this time at an angle to the first ones. Once completed press edges firmly together.
    8. With a sharp knife trim off all the excess pastry overhanging the rim. Brush the rim again with beaten egg.
    9. To give a final neat appearance cover the rim again with pastry strips.
    10. Finally brush the pie top all over with beaten egg and bake according to instructions in recipe.